Studying science is one of the most fascinating topics today. Scientific development touches on a wide range of environmental, health and technology issues, and is a lever for the prosperity and quality of life of human society in general and in Israel in particular. The degree in science is a first step in dealing daily with new challenges and it rewards its owner not only as a profession, but as an enriching knowledge, broadens horizons, develops research abilities, provides tools for critical analysis and additional skills required today in a dynamic and changing work environment.
The Faculty's location on one campus increases interdisciplinary collaborations, expanding research horizons and breakthroughs. This trend is reflected in our challenging curricula, which provide unique scholarships to support outstanding students.

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Israel to spend millions on Einstein museum

31 October, 2022


The Israeli government decided on Sunday to allocate millions of dollars for a museum to house the world's largest collection of Albert Einstein documents, the Hebrew University said.

It will be built on the university's Givat Ram campus in Jerusalem, with the government committing to approximately $6 million and the university raising another $12 million.

Einstein, one of the founding fathers of the Hebrew University, was a non-resident governor of the institution.

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Dr. Assaf Hochman

6 March, 2021

Dr. Assaf Hochman

Institute of Earth Sciences

Predictability of Extreme Weather across spatial and temporal scales (PredEx)


Martial arts and rock climbing

Dr. Hochman is recruiting students to his lab

My research focuses on predicting extreme weather across time and spatial scales, from regional to global and beyond. Our work addresses the issue of weather and climate predictability from different perspectives including physical observations, computer modelling and mathematical/statistical theory.